Do you have faith that your sales force or partner community is purely self-motivated to consistently drive positive outcomes?  Or quite possibly could they benefit from slight nudging, a few motivational contests, or even a little peer pressure?   Gamification through Auxilic enables you to create event orientated competitions for sales teams, support organizations, or any partner community.    

Imagine the accent of Mt. Everest coming to life in an online sales contest where each designated achievement inches the team closer to the summit.  And what greater motivator than peer pressure?   Who would want to be the team left at base camp or lagging significantly behind the others?  All viewable in an online portal, packed with exciting branded graphics, updated regularly, driving community involvement, and encouraging the daily discipline to keep inching toward the grand prize.  Indy500, Kentucky Derby, Slalom Race, Grand Prix, London Marathon are all creative possibilities that can come to life in a cleverly crafted game.  

Watch engagement soar, excitement build, and sales accelerate!