Digital Marketing

Consumer and B2B content consumption and decision-making models continue to merge.   The same buying modalities used by consumers are now bleeding into B2B behavior. We see a greater propensity towards self-driven research; a large part of the buying journey is self-directed even before a client engages with sales.  

At Auxilic, we help you build brand advocates through a flawless digital experience which includes our capabilities to plan, build, and run your account-based marketing plan, build a financially optimized social media and     SEO strategy, take advantage of the most viewed medium with video storytelling and case studies, build decision scenario calculators and configurators, and much more.  

Our methods closely examine the ideal journeys for your particular targeted buyer personas and consider multifaceted executions to take advantage of the "watering holes" they frequent for self-driven research and how and by whom they are most commonly influenced.  Your digital persona may be the only one your client sees at the end of the day. Make it impactful, create it across multiple channels, make it visually and editorially appealing, and make it differentiated!

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