Modern Web Presence

Ideation, creation, global hosting, and attractive websites and eCommerce platforms are our areas of expertise.  Intending to convert visitors to customers and customers to advocates, we pay special attention to the fine details that are left off the executions of bargain-basement or volume developers who often "a la carte" you to death and hide support in the fine print of an upsell contract or leave you on hold to call-centers headquartered in a foreign land.  

Our expertise spans and is focused on the constant evolution of the latest trends in SEO and search algorithms to ensure your site gets noticed, quickly moves up the search results ladder, and gets interested customers efficiently converted.  Don't just create a superficial company façade but instead build the right inner workings and foundational elements under Auxilic direction to keep your site secure, optimized, and attractive to all visitors.  

Our experience transcends market segments, global borders, and industry verticals, from healthcare, to counseling groups, IT vendors, channel partners, international consultancies, the service sector, and small business.