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Eco- Building/Decorative Material Company - Slovakia

Our Clients

Eco-Builindg/Decorative Material Company- From Slovakia to North America

A Slovak eco-building material company is setting a new standard for how to use recycled materials in a more long-lasting and sustainable way to create high-spec building material and decorative products.

They turned to Auxilic to help with establishing a North American presense and HQ , source partners and capital, uncover government assistance for sustainably focused companies, participate in industry trade shows, social media, and ongoing sales and marketing execution.

Auxilic has secured State financial and start-up assistance, been nominated for innovation awards, have established new clients, have built ecosystem partner network, and continue on the way to a successful market presence.


"Auxilic launched us in a very professional manner where both our sales and marketing were established and our company got off to the best possible start. Auxilic understands our business and is a great advocate and representative of our brand"

Marek V. 

Chief Executive Officer