We've Got Businesses Jumping For Joy!

Think of a CMO, digital marketing team, website, webmaster, corporate learning, and social groups all wrapped in one simple monthly platform and execution fee….. all priced for SMBs and at a fraction of hiring full-time departments and securing additional execution funds.  

Now you can maximize resources and broadcast your value proposition to a broader audience via Auxilic’s digital platforms.  Web, eCommerce, learning management, content management, digital marketing, and social become easy to launch and maintain via the enterprise-class execution experience and Auxilic DXP platform. 

Fully flexible, agile, and expandable to grow and contract with your business.

Before Auxilic

  • Hire a marketing leader $$$$
  • Build a marketing team $$$$
  • Provide Corporate Benefits  $$$$
  • Provide Training $$$$
  • Evaluate Platforms    $$$$
  • Build/Maintain Website(s)  $$$$
  • Hire 3rd Party Experts    $$$$
  • Secure Execution funding   $$$$

With Auxilic

  • Predictable Monthly Fee    $$
  • Expert Strategy
  • Expert Execution
  • Proven and Secure Platforms
  • Open Source Web & eCommerce
  • Flexible Contracts
  • Regular Reviews
  • Happy Clients